by Edward Gains

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ALONE 05:16
DOH DOH 01:56
DFB 04:21
ONSIA 09:34


bel hevi is a papua new guinean saying that i spotted in a magazine that translates as 'belly heavy' and refers to that heavy sinking feeling the often accompanies extreme sadness... for me i wasn't so much sadness that i was feeling at the time but more like extreme fatness because i was reading this magazine on christmas day after a huge dinner and all the presents had been opened and i hadn't really gotten anything cool that year so maybe i was a bit sad after all... but the phrase stuck in my head and when i got a new apple mac computer and started recording everything into garageband this was the album that came to life... after 6 albums on 4 track to have pretty much unlimited tracks to record with was pretty amazing... thats why this album is so over the top "production" wise because i put as many guitars on there as possible... in the end, looking back i could have done with a producer to say "whoa thats like 20 guitars and we only need 3" but i didn't have one so everything went into the mix... the one of the biggest compliments somebody paid me about this album was that it's recorded on a computer but it still sounds like it was recorded on a shitty 4 track... the stuff i am making now is getting a little less "in the red" and less distorted, but this album i felt was a real step up from lo-fi to mid-fi and kind of like my stepping stone to the future... i even made a couple of music videos for this album which was also a first for me with 'ode to shakey' and 'bring it all down'... one thing i feel is that the demi whores record came quite soonish after this one so it had like 3 songs from this album on it... just because when the band got back together after a bit of a break these were the new songs i had so we just naturally started playing them live... like 'coffin car' and 'bless my family' and 'title is untitled' which really i had written with the demi whores in mind anyway... but artistically, if you want to be wanky about it, putting out another record following this one with some of the same songs on it got to me slightly... even if the recordings we totally un-a-like, i still felt a little bugged that it might come across like i had no fresh ideas for a demi whores record so i just used some songs off bel hevi and off my solo albums... but like whatever anyway because hardly anybody has heard my solo records so who really gave a flying fuck except me at the end of the day... i am however very excited to say that none of the songs on the new demi whores record that will be coming out soonish have ever been on my solo albums, so it will kind of in a way be the first true whores record... all whores and no gains...


released November 18, 2005



all rights reserved



Edward Gains Tauranga, New Zealand

Edward Gains has been making lo-fi albums in various bedrooms around the world since 1996's 'Shit Magnet'. He has just released his 12th album, entitled 'Living the Dream'. Currently located in Tauranga, you will see Edward playing live with his band Edward and the Dreamers throughout 2021. ... more

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